All Time Rankings formula

To create All Time Rankings we calculate a historical score for each fighter (active and retired).
That historical score is called AllTimeTotal (ATT) and represents overall career achievement.
Following formula is used:
AllTimeTotal =  iOpponentWin + iOpponentAll +
iHistQtrSum + iHistQtrBest + iHistQtrDominance +
BasicCarScr + ChampPts + FightPctMark

When we are talking about All Time Rankings, two most important factors are:

  1. Who were fighter’s opponents?
  2. How was fighter ranked historically?

For those two factors we developed numerical indexes that allow us to compare overall careers of different fighters.

Index = a number used to indicate a magnitude of a measure. We scale indexes to levels that allow for them to be summed up.

There are also some other fighter statistic that should be considered for this discussion. We can group all other factors into Other Fighter Stat index group.
This would give us 3 groups of indexes that we can sum up into one comprehensive score – All Time Total (ATT) .
ATT is time, weight and promotion independent. It allows for comparison of fighters from the different generations and weight categories.

High level formula that includes those 3 index groups is following:

All Time Total = Opponents + Historical Quarterly Rankings + Other Fighter Stats



For fighter’s opponents we need a split between:

  1. What were his wins (opponent quality for fights that he won)?
  2. How strong were his overall opponents (all fights)?


To describe opponents we developed two numeric indexes:
iOpponentWin – this index is design to show who has more wins over quality Opponents.
iOpponentAll – this index describes the quality of All Opponents.

Those two indexes are changing only when the fighter has new fights.
Value of iOpponentWin index is changed when the fighter has a new win.
Opponent Quality is defined at the time of a fight (opponent rankings before and after fight).


Historical Quarterly Rankings

This group of indexes is calculated at the end of each historical quarter (3 month period).
For fighters with good quarter-end ranking, quarterly indexes will increase even when they are not fighting.

Here we developed 3 major indexes:
iHistQtrSum – this is a summary index that shows how high fighter was ranked in each quarter
iHistQtrBest - represent the highest achievements for a fighter in terms of best quarter-end scores and rankings.
iHistQtrDominance - shows how dominant top fighters were in each quarter.


Other Fighter Stats

There are a lot of other factors that should be considered for All Time Rankings. Those factors might be less important, but still need to be reflected in this calculation.
Few years ago we developed a big bucket index that encompassed all those factors. That index is called Basic Career Score.
Now we have some of the factors from BasicCarScr shown as separate indexes. We still use this score for ATT, but now BasicCarScr is less relevant.

Main components here are:
BasicCarScr – Basic Career Score uses fights from the entire career, but it doesn't take into consideration the time period when each fight happened. This score is composed from a lot of generic measures using basic calculations. This is the first score that we re-calculated every week.
ChampPts – Championship Points represents the number and level of the championship fights for each fighter.
FightPctMark – this index is combination of multiple fight related statistics like: win percentage, finish rate, close and dominant fights.




Final formula that includes all 8 major indexes is:
AllTimeTotal = iOpponentWin + iOpponentAll + iHistQtrSum + iHistQtrBest + iHistQtrDominance + BasicCarScr + ChampPts + FightPctMark

Here is how each major index is calculated.

iOpponentAll = isOppRkP4p + isOppRkCtg + isOppCSR + iaOppCSR + iOppBest

isOppRkP4p – indexed sum that describes P4P rankings for all opponents at the time of the fight
isOppRkCtg – indexed sum that describes Category (divisional) rankings of all opponents
isOppCSR – indexed that is using sum of Current Scores and Current Ratings for all Opponent at the fight time.
iaOppCSR – index based on average Opponent Score (1 to 1000) and Opponent Rating (1 to 35).
iOppBest – index based on the best rankings and scores (maximum from all opponents)

iOpponentWin = isWOppRkP4p + isWOppRkCtg + isWOppCSR + iaWOppCSR + iWinOppBest

It uses same components as iOpponentAll, but this time in considerations are only Opponents from fights that Fighter won.


iHistQtrSum = isHFRkP4p + isHFRkCtg + isHFCurScr

iHistQtrSum is a summary index calculated from Historical Fighter (Quarterly) Rankings and Historical Current Scores.
It is based on the quarter counts (number of quarters from historical rankings). Here are example for those quarterly counts:

  • Number of quarters where ranked in Pound for Pound rankings as: top1P4P, top3P4P, top5P4P, …
  • Number of quarters where ranked in Category rankings as: top1Ctg, top3Ctg, top5Ctg, …
  • Number of quarters where Current Score more than: 880 points, 800 points, 700 points, …


iHistQtrBest = bestHFRk + maxHFScr
bestHFRk – Best Historical Fighter Rankings. Combines best P4P and Category rankings achieved in the career.
maxHFScr – combination of different maximum scores (best Current Score, biggest WinStreak, best Rating, best MidTerm Score).
Points for BestRankings and MaxScore represent the highest achievements for a fighter. Once you reach them, you never lose them.

iHistQtrDominance - this historical score shows how dominant fighters were related to those ranked beneath (based on the Current Score difference in the each quarter). It's not the same when you are just a few points ahead, or when you are hundred points ahead of people ranked below. It is calculated for each quarter and only for top ranked fighters.


ChampPoints represent the level of the championship fights where fighter was involved. Smaller amount of points is given even to the fighter that loses in championship bout.


FightPctMark = WinPct + (pctWinFinish + pctAllFtFinish)/4 + FtTopOppBigEvt + sizeDiff + mWrongClose + mDominExcit/5

  • WinPct - win percentage
  • pctWinFinish - finish rate for Wins
  • pctAllFtFinish- finish rate when all fights are included
  • FtTopOppBigEvt - score for fights with Top Opponents and in Big Events
  • sizeDiff – plus/minus points for the size (weight) difference
  • mWrongClose – sum of all Fight Marks where we had a close fight or something was wrong with the result
  • mDominExcit – sum of Fight Marks when fighter was dominant or had exciting finish