All Time Rankings formula

To create All Time Rankings we calculate a historical score for each fighter (active and retired).
That historical score is called AllTimeTotal (ATT) and represents overall career achievement.
Following formula is used:
AllTimeTotal = CareerScore_End + CareerScore_Max + Dominance
+ Quarterly_Historical_Ranking_Count + BestRankings + MaxScore + ChampPoints
How are those different components changing in time?
  1. Points for BestRankings and MaxScore represent the highest achievements for a fighter. Once you reach them, you never lose them.
  2. CareerScore_Max also stays the same after maximum is reached, but if you start losing fights, your CareerScore_End is slipping.
  3. For every quarter (3 month period) fighters that are ranked high in that quarter, get additional Dominance and Quarterly_Historical_Ranking_Count points. If somebody retires and is still ranked high, that fighter will keep receiving additional points for a few more quarters (gradually decreasing).
Career Score is the same score that is used as part of Current Score calculation.
This score changes slowly (up or down) and is recorded for every quarter. After fighter stops fighting, this score will not be changing.
We use that score here twice as:
CareerScore_End – Career Score at the end of the career (or the last Career Score)
CareerScore_Max – Maximum achieved Career Score
This historical score shows how dominant fighters were related to those ranked beneath (based on the Current Score difference in the each quarter).
It's not the same when you are just a few points ahead, or when you have hundred points ahead of people ranked below.
This score is based on the quarter counts (number of quarters from historical rankings), and it says how many times fighter was:
  • ranked in Pound for Pound rankings as: top1P4P, top5P4P, top8P4P, top20P4P
  • ranked in Weight Category rankings as: top1Ctg, top3Ctg, top5Ctg, top10Ctg
  • having Current Score more than: 800 points, 700 points, 600 points, 400 points
Score for the best rankings (combined P4P and Category rankings) achieved in the career.
Here are few examples how this is calculated:
  • if someone was at some point ranked #1 in Category, he gets 28 points.
  • for #1 P4P ranking you get 32 points and in addition to that you have 28 points for #1 Ctg – for maximum total of 60 points.
  • for #1 Ctg and #3 P4P you get total of 52 points (32 Ctg + 20 P4P).
  • for #3 Ctg and #10 P4P you get total of 34 points (24 Ctg + 10 P4P).
  • for #11 Ctg and #66 P4P you get total of 14 points (12 Ctg + 2 P4P).
MaxScore is calculated using the maximum historical Current Score.
ChampPoints is an index that represents the level of the championship fights that involved the fighter.