All Time Ranking List

This is a list of the best fighters in the history of MMA.
All Time Ranking is based off of the All Time Total (ATT).
For the fighters that are retired (they have not fought in the last two years) ATT points are final.
The formula to calculate the AllTimeTotal is:
AllTimeTotal =  iOpponentWin + iOpponentAll +
iHistQtrSum + iHistQtrBest + iHistQtrDominance +
BasicCarScr + ChampPts + FightPctMark
Records per Page:

# Fighter   A T T   OWin   OAll   QSum   QBest   QDom   Chmp   FtPM   BCarS 
1Georges St. Pierre2382.0560.3345.2521.7180.8249.182.6153.6288.7
2Anderson Silva2356.4536.1343.7502.2186.6238.085.4184.4280.0
3Fedor Emelianenko2249.6515.6335.0472.6186.5229.035.6194.0281.3
4Jon Jones2003.3431.6262.8377.8184.3203.065.0195.4283.4
5Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira1972.1520.1384.1342.0161.9136.020.0148.5259.5
6Jose Aldo1966.7403.5278.1376.9185.1210.865.0177.4269.9
7Dan Henderson1940.0514.4406.8349.1161.1123.220.8114.4250.2
8Matt Hughes1925.8449.0339.3344.1160.8168.652.0155.9256.1
9Wanderlei Silva1874.0486.1358.8291.0169.1115.532.0165.8255.7
10B.J. Penn1842.2414.4381.5303.9166.2144.436.0153.4242.4
11Chuck Liddell1752.1415.0310.3292.2175.7134.330.8143.0250.8
12Quinton Jackson1726.8455.4363.4250.4159.899.419.2132.7246.5
13Randy Couture1726.2449.3351.4259.5151.2102.647.0133.9231.3
14Lyoto Machida1677.1435.0345.1237.4164.581.618.0142.0253.5
15Demetrious Johnson1638.6365.8264.7219.9175.0145.749.8161.6256.1
16Urijah Faber1631.6357.3341.4234.0142.2110.832.4159.9253.6
17Dominick Cruz1621.2367.9245.4250.3169.5134.441.4151.4260.9
18Mauricio Rua1616.6401.8327.9215.4160.683.614.4163.3249.6
19Frankie Edgar1605.2384.1313.7220.5156.584.231.8152.0262.4
20Bas Rutten1599.3448.2277.4228.5147.6126.516.0142.5212.6
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iOpponentWin – this index is designed to show who has more wins over quality Opponents.

iOpponentAll – this index describes the quality of All Opponents.

iHistQtrSum – this is a summary index that shows how high a fighter was ranked in each quarter

iHistQtrBest - represents the highest achievements for a fighter in terms of their best quarter-end scores and rankings.

iHistQtrDominance - shows how dominant top fighters were in each quarter.

ChampPts – Championship Points represents the number and level of the championship fights for each fighter.

FightPctMark – this index is a combination of multiple fight related statistics like: win percentage, finish rate, close and dominant fights.

BasicCarScr – Basic Career Score uses fights from an entire career, but it doesn't take into consideration the time period in which each fight happened. 


The All Time Total is slowly changing throughout a fighter's career. Some components only change at the end of a quarter.


To see how AllTimeTotal Score is calculated, go to

All Time Rankings formula