About ScorecardMMA and Rankings

ScorecardMMA is an application developed for Scoring, Ranking and Reporting on a number of Mixed Martial Arts related items.
The main focus of ScorecardMMA is on analysis linked to the Fighters and their fights. But we also analyze Events, Promotions, Methods and a number of other entities from the world of MMA.
The ScorecardMMA application has the following components:
  •           MMA database
  •           Scoring engine
  •           Reporting tool
  •           This Website

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ScorcardMMA Principles and Objectives

This system applies a unique statistical approach that is based on following principles:

  • Put a score on every entity that we keep track of.

  • All scores are changing in time. When new fights are entered, everything is recalculated.

  • Include in the database all relevant fighters and all their fights (more than 120,000 fights).

  • Have a historical perspective. Show current situation in MMA with appreciation for already rich MMA history.

  • Be objective. Avoid subjective preference of certain organizations and fighters.


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