About ScorecardMMA and Rankings

ScorecardMMA is an application developed for Scoring, Ranking and Reporting on a number of Mixed Martial Arts related items.
The main focus of ScorecardMMA is on analysis linked to the Fighters and their fights. But we also analyze Events, Promotions, Methods and a number of other entities from the world of MMA.
The ScorecardMMA application has the following components:
  •           MMA database
  •           Scoring engine
  •           Reporting tool
  •           This Website
For each fighter we have created a number of different scores and calculated measures based on the mathematical algorithms developed over the last five years.
All qualified fighters (10,000+ fighters that have more than two wins and have faced decent competition) are ranked every week. Their historical stores are stored on a quarterly basis.
There are two main scores (and associated rankings) that are the most important:
  1. Current Rankings - based on Current Score (CS)
  2. All Time Rankings - based on All Time Total (ATT)
Those rankings are generated for:
  •   all Weight Categories (Ctg)
  •   Pound for Pound (P4P)
  •   major Promotion Organizations
  •   different Countries