ScorcardMMA Principles and Objectives

This system applies a unique statistical approach that is based on following principles:

  • Put a score on every entity that we keep track of.

  • All scores are changing in time. When new fights are entered, everything is recalculated.

  • Include in the database all relevant fighters and all their fights (more than 120,000 fights).

  • Have a historical perspective. Show current situation in MMA with appreciation for already rich MMA history.

  • Be objective. Avoid subjective preference of certain organizations and fighters.


Rankings on this site are completely computer generated and are based solely on the official results and numbers. 

Scoring algorithms are tuned in a way that allows us comparison across weight categories. In other words it allows us to create realistic pound-for-pound lists.

Here are some of the things that our application will deliver:
o    Scores and Rankings for Fighters, Events and Promotions
o    Analysis and reports for Fighters based on Category, Fights, Pay, Rating, Country
o    Events statistics and comparison between them, as well as Event trends over time
o    Revenue, Attendance and Pay statistic
o    Analysis for different MMA Organizations (that would include Historical Ratings, counts of Events and Fighters per Category)
o    Fight statistic that includes Methods, Category and Opponent crosstabs
o    Future ratings based on future fight predictions and "what if" scenarios
o    Go back in history to define rating at point in time and trends for individual Fighter

Currently our database has more than 28,000 Events, 13,000 Fighters, 150,000 Fights and 800 Promotion Organizations.
This allows us to create variety of reports, statistical analysis and rankings.
We have a unique approach for creating scores and for linking massive amount of information related to MMA.