About Fighter Scores and Rankings

There are two main Scores that are calculated for all fighters.

  1. All Time Total score (career, lifetime)
  2. Current Score (score at one point in time)


All Time Total score is the final career score for each fighter. This score is typically increasing and is not changing much at the end of the career. It is time independent and allows for the comparison of fighters from different times in MMA history.

All Time Rankings are using All Time Total score, and this ranking includes all fighters that have ever fought, including those who are no longer active.


Current Score is a representation of the current value and current ranking for individual fighter. This is the score that most of our reports use and what people are usually looking for. 

 Current Score is calculated only for the fighters that have been active in the last four years. 

Recent performances are more valued then performance in the older fights.



Every time new fights are added to our database, all of the scores are then recalculated and new rankings are generated.

Our scores are all based on facts. We do not use peoples opinions (i.e. "I feel that he is much better" or "he is more popular" or simply "I like him a lot") in the calculations of our scores. 


Here are some important notes regarding Current Rankings:

  •  In order to be on the Current Ranking list, Fighter must have a professional MMA bout in the previous four years.
    A Fighter can only appear in one weight category at a time.
    A Fighter can move up and down in weight, but typically they will be categorized in weight class where they had the most recent fight.
     Since these are current rankings, the fights that are more recent have a bigger impact on a fighter's score and ranking.
    Current score is used to generate Current rankings. The difference in scores is sometimes more important than the actual difference in the ranking. For instance, the gap between 1st and 2nd place can be 40 points, but the fighters from 2nd through 6th place can all be within 10 point.