Submission Hold Types

Submission Holds are split into following Types: 

Submission Type

Applied On


Choke Holds


Submissions applied to the neck to cut-off blood flow to the brain.

Joint Locks


Submission Holds that hyperextend or hyper-rotate one of the body’s joints.

Compression Locks

muscle against a bone

Submission Holds which cause intense pain by pressing a muscle against a bone.



Following is the all time ( since 1993) split between Submission Types:




Same graph with only UFC fights included:



This is how Submission Type split looks when using 4 year periods: 



Submission Type split on the annual basis:



Submission Type split for only UFC fights: 



Submission Type split for UFC:




Percentage of fights that are ending with a Joint Lock Submission is decreasing as the fighters rating increases:  





Following lists show fighters with the most Choke Hold Wins and the best Choke percentage.

Choke percentage = "number of choke wins" / "number of wins"


Here are the fighters with the most Choke Hold Wins:

End Method - Choke - rating>=4 - //
Ftr RatingFighter NameAll WinsChokePercentage
20Travis Fulton2525722.6
28Jeremy Horn913639.6
22Jeff Monson573052.6
22Alexey Oleinik502754.0
21Drew Fickett422661.9
22Dennis Hallman522548.1
15Joe Pearson432455.8
14John Strawn372156.8
22Dan Severn1012019.8
19Andre Santos372054.1
24Joe Doerksen511937.3
17Jorge Rodrigues Silva351954.3

Here are the top fighters (rating>=24) with the high number of Choke Hold Wins: 

End Method - Choke - rating>=24 - //
Ftr RatingFighter NameAll WinsChokePercentage
28Jeremy Horn913639.6
24Joe Doerksen511937.3
32Urijah Faber331751.5
24Miguel Torres431534.9
25Evan Tanner321340.6
31Donald Cerrone281242.9
24Mike Pyle271244.4
24Thiago Tavares201260.0
25Clay Guida321134.4
28Alistair Overeem401025.0
30Gegard Mousasi371027.0
31Jake Shields311032.3

Notable fighters (rating>=16) with the high Choke Hold Win percentage:

End Method - Choke - rating>=16 - //
Ftr RatingFighter NameAll WinsChokePercentage
17Mitch Gagnon121083.3
16Igor Fernandes191578.9
19Bryan Caraway201575.0
16Jim Hettes11872.7
21Michael Chiesa13969.2
17Chase Beebe241666.7
16Kleber Koike Erbst181266.7
20Joseph Duffy14964.3
17Claude Patrick14964.3
18Rickson Gracie11763.6
19Terry Etim161062.5
21Drew Fickett422661.9
20Cole Miller211361.9
16Jim Alers13861.5

Exceptional fighters (rating>=28) with the high Choke Hold Win percentage:

End Method - Choke - rating>=28 - //
Ftr RatingFighter NameAll WinsChokePercentage
32Urijah Faber331751.5
31Donald Cerrone281242.9
29Ronaldo Souza22940.9
29Luke Rockhold15640.0
28Jeremy Horn913639.6
30B.J. Penn16637.5
29Demian Maia22836.4
28Thales Leites25936.0
32Benson Henderson23834.8
31Joseph Benavidez24833.3
31Jake Shields311032.3
31Renan Barao33927.3