Championship Bout Level formula


How is Championship Bout Level calculated


Not all championship fights are at the same level.


Level of Championship Bout is defined by the rating of two fighters involved and by the promotion/category quality.


ChampBoutLevel is a value from 1 to 8 and is calculated using PromotionCtgTotal and 2FigterTotal.



PromotionCtgTotal defines the competitiveness of the division/promotion (the difficulty of obtaining the belt).

It is calculated using the following:


PromotionCtgTotal = PromoYrTotal + PromoQrTotal + PromoCtgYrTotal + PromoCtgQrTotal


PromoYrTotal is the annual value of the promotion. PromoQrTotal is the value for the quarter.

PromoCtgYrTotal is a value for the weight category inside that promotion.


Not all belts inside a promotion have the same value (FLY vs. LHW).

An example of this is that the value of Pride HW title was not the same in 2005 as it was in 1998.



2FigterTotal describes who were two fighters that were fighting for the title.

It is calculated using following:

            2FigterTotal = 2Rankings + 2CurrScr + 2FtrRating


2Rankings is a combination of Category and P4P rankings for both fighters.

Fighter ranking for that bout is an average of ranking before and after the fight.


2FtrRating is created from All Time Rating and Current Rating for each fighter. Rating is a measure that has value from 1 to 34 and is composite measure that is calculated for each fighter quarterly.


2CurrScr is average Current Score for both fighters.

2CurrScr = (ftrCurScrBefore +oppCurScrBefore + ftrCurScrAfter +oppCurScrAfter) / 4



In some cases reduction points can be applied to PromotionCtgTotal. That is a case when we have:

-       interim championships fight

-       the result was No Contest (Fedor – Big Nog 2)

-       champion was tested positive (Barnett – Couture)








Championship Bout Level

The Championship Bout Level is a value from 1 to 8.
It describes importance and value of a championship belt.
The Championship Bout Level value is calculated based on the rating of the two fighters that are involved and the Promotion value.
The graph also shows frequency of championship fights.
This graph shows the Championship Bout Level for each UFC HW championship fight.

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